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Opinions Needed On Sausage Stuffer

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Found this stuffer while looking at LEM's on Amazon, never heard of or seen one but like the price, capacity, and extra tubes just don't want to end up with junk.  Anyone have any knowledge of this particular product or opinions?


Thanks for the help!

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It sure looks like a great deal.


The only thing I would worry about is the size of the frame.


It looks like thin SS bolted together.


From looking at it, I think it may bend out of shape pretty easily.


Especially when you use the small tube.


Maybe someone who has one will be able to give a better answer.


I have a 5# LEM & it's just about indestructible.



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This is a copy cat of a weston stuffer. I'm sure it works fine. For $100 you can't beat it. Also see if you can buy and extra O ring.


I recently bought a horizontal SS 7lb stuffer with 4 SS tubes from amazon and its works great.

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