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Brisket time!!

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Good morning everyone! Started a 14 lber at 7:30 this morning using hardwood lump coal with peacan and oak logs! Rubbed her lastnight with a light coat of peanut oil, light coat of brown sugar and a rub I make. forgot to snap a pic of her before hitting the smoke! Was too excited to get goin since its been raining for four damn days!!! Hope everyone has a good Saturday let's see some posts!! QVIEW will start at the first peek.
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Appreciate the post it reminded me to set my Brisket out for my Mothers Day smoke !!!!

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Good deal! Hope they all enjoy it!!!
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So far so good! And I know it says food @ 250 and Q@ 113 I switched the probes around so they weren't cross crossed lol
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Looks like like someone's going to have a tasty tasty dinner.
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I sure hope so lance lol, only my second one, I'm goin no foil until she's done and ready to be put to rest!
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No worries, just remember patience is the key. That said, a 14 pound packer at 250 no crutch might end up as breakfast. Either way it should be great.
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Looks good so far!



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Well 250 is at the far side away from the box.. So I figured it's really closer to 280-300. What do ya think?
Thanks Mr. Al! I hope it taste as good as it looks!
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I dunno, I don't usually cook that high but if it was me, I'd crutch it. Then again, that's how I always do it so take it with a grain of salt and two grains of pepper.
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10-4! Thanks for the input I've made it through the stall, took from 11:30 to almost 2 and I'm at 181. Might go ahead and wrap her till tender.
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197 probe slid all the way through everywhere by almost just breathing on it. Now she's wrapped tight and gonna take a hour or two nap while I drink some beer! Will post slice pics after a while!
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Man that's one good looking brisket!



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Thank you sir! Sight is only one of the seven senses hopefully the taste one is on today! Lol I know the smell sure is there!!!
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Lookin good
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Nice. I'm putting 15 pounder on at 8 tonight.
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Thanks lance! I almost wrapped but decided to stick it out, like you said patience is key. Looks good smally look forward to some pics tomorrow!
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