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Bag Making

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My wife is getting the un bleached muslin ready for cutting into some bologna and summer sausage bags. I asked her to make both ends open so i can hog ring both ends. The bags will have finished sewn edges. 10 yards of muslin and i want some smaller 2 1/4" bags and the rest 3.5"


Asked her to use some red (cotton) thread on some for jalapeño SS



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I gotta find some of this fabric.
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N, Great idea!

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Whatever you dont use you can always make a pair of

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Whatever you dont use you can always make a pair of





I don't want to traumatize these folks down here. lol

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How she supposed to be making bags if she eating tater chips and playing pogo?


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A couple of years ago I wanted to make some Taylor Pork Roll and I needed the cotton casings.  Couldn't find any sources on line so I looked up sources for Unbleached Muslin and some handy dandy formulas to calculate what size to cut the material to get the diameter I wanted.  I bought the fabric from the link shown at the bottom.  The price was reasonable, I bought 10 yards of the 48" wide fabric for about $2.45 a yard  plus shipping which was also reasonable.


I made multiple diameter sizes for different kinds of sausages, a large quantity of each, and I still have plenty of muslin left over.  I don't think that I will ever use all of it. I checked my notes and the formulae for the bags is as follows:


Muslin Casings


Circumference = pi D  =  3.14 x Dia

Circumference = 2pi R =  6.28 x Radius


5” Dia,  C = 3.14 x 5”  =  15.7”  + 1 inch for Seam       16.7”

4” Dia,  C = 3.14 x 4”  =  12.56”  + 1 inch for Seam     13.6”

3” Dia,  C = 3.14 x 3”  =   9.42”  + 1 inch for Seam      10.5”


Make each Casing 16” long


Note:  Commercial Taylor pork roll does not use the extra material for a seam.  Their casing is sewn edge to edge without the extra inch. This undoubtedly saves them a lot of material.



The on line store  is


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I like using Muslin bags. I also like the idea that Omak Dave came up with, making long bags and leaving the ends open. Fill what you want, close the end repeat. Sure saves on the cutting and sewing time. Just one long seam.
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When we lived up in NEPA a friend of mine is a professional seamstress, she made 20dz bags for me with a closed rounded end. I have since preferred both ends open and just ring them for an old Amish look.

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