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New here

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Live in Savannah Ga. Love smoked meat and BBQ. Got a CB595 gas smoker gonna give it a try this weekend.
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Welcome to the site!  Glad you joined us.



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Welcome to the forum.


Congrats on the new smoker.


Looking forward to seeing it in action.



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Hello peeps, just joined the forum, but my "confirmation email" said "permission denied". Not sure why? Anyway hope it lets me join.
Got me a Oklahoma Joe Longhorn smoker/grill about 6 weeks ago, and man does it turn out good food. I'm from Cincinnati, OH by the way. Love my BBQ!!! About throw on some pork loins for lunch time. 1 injected and rubbed the other rubbed and wrapped in bacon. (been marinating in the fridge overnight) Ok now I'm hungry! Happy smoking gang!!!
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Oh forgot to add some pics![IMG]
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