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New Member from California

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Hi All,


I've been lurking for a bit while researching which electric smoker to get. Total n00b smoker (long time griller).


Was thinking of something like the Smokin-it, but ended up getting an MES 30 because the deal (thanks to tips from this forum) was too good to pass up.  Using an a-maze-n pellet tray.


Anyways, have done some St. Louis Ribs and Tri-Tip, but now have my first butt/shoulder on now.  Also big into craft beer and bourbon.





PS - admins, it took me a while to post this thread because this is the first time logging on from a computer.  Site wouldn't let me create a new thread from my phone.

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Welcome to the forum.


Glad you finally decided to join us.



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Welcome to you Rafael, glad you found this great site.

You've got some fine equipment there, I think you will be very pleased 

with how it all shakes out.




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Welcome to SMF!  You'll be happy with that MES!



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