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Freezer build

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I started this late last year had some ups and downs 18 year son passed away at the begining of the year he lost his battle with duschane muscular dystrophy his big ol' heart finally just gave up and he went peaceful in his sleep. I got one my freezers ready just gotta vent it. Got trays in and sausage hanging rack. Griddle element gets it to 230 degrees with original rehostat. Redesigned my generator from the original tin canister... made it out of exhaust pipe put a computer fan finger guard inside to hold everything in and I can take bottom plate off that I designed to lock in place to dump the ash. Uses a aquarium pump to force air across to generate smoke and force it out. Will use it to cold smoke sausage, bacon, cheeses and whatever else I can think of and smoke flavor to. I'm not giving up my offset for anything. I plan on adding a firebox to back of freezer eventually when l mount it to the platform i welded together

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Your freezer build looks great!


I'm very sorry to hear of your sons passing.



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