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I'm assuming when you poach to finish the sausage, the water is already up to temp?   Also, roughly how long does it take to
get the sausage (30 to 35mm) down to a suitable temp to stop cooking in a cold water bath and about what temp are you looking
While the sausage is still in the smoker, I'll prep the 'bath' and bring it up to about 170 degrees F. Add the load to the bath causes a temp drop and I try and keep the bath temp in the 165-170 range. Most poaches take about 30 minutes or less. Drop them in an ice bath where the IT will plummet to below 50 in about 5 minutes, pending size of load and how much ice I have on hand. Hang to bloom next
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Thank you Cougar78.

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I'm going to do a batch of snack stix in 19 mm collagen casings.  Any thoughts on putting those in a water bath after a couple hours of smoke in the MES30?

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Thanks for all the information
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