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Mastiff mouths to feed

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Thanks y'all. I've always been interested in smoking meats for my family,but never got serious about about it until now. My fur boys are "treating " out of house and home. Between the 2 or about 330lbs,I'm spending about $120.00 a month on treats alone. There was a company that made smoked mackeral jerky, but they went out of business and I haven't found a quality or affordable substitute.I refuse to spend $6-10 for a beef knuckle or $30 for 16oz bag of salmon bits. Currently, I'm treating with raw beef femur and chicken/duck feet. I'm worried about food poisoning so I need to come up with something.
We're planning on making a file cabinet smoker for all of us. That's a lot of chicken feet for them and brisket for us. The possibilities are mouth watering, so thanks for any suggestions.
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Hello MM and welcome to you.

You can make Turkey, Chicken or hamburger jerky.

Won't cost near as much as what you're talking about.

You, your family and friends will like it too.




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Welcome to the forum.


Glad to have you with us.



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