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Seasoning a brand new smoker?

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Just wondering what are some techniques people on here use to season there smokers for the first time. I heard peanut oil but that's about it.
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I'd just spray down the inside with Pam.


Fire it up with whatever wood you have & let it run for 3 or 4 hours at 250-275.


That should do it.



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This sorta depends on what type of smoker we're talking about...most manufacturers will include some directions in the owner's manual about how they suggest seasoning/prepping before cooking in it.  If no instructions are included, the first thing I'd do is run it really hot - the hotter the better - for at least 2 hours completely empty.  This should burn off any manufacturing crud/oil/grease that's left in there from the factory.  After it cools, you may need to take some rags and some warm soapy water to wipe out the the ash/residue from the burnout.  Then you can put a light coat of cooking oil (cooking spray works, or any vegetable oil) on all chamber surfaces and start cooking.



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