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Glad to have found this site!

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Found this site in looking for a recipe for nutria summer sausage. The web can be an awesome thing when used appropriately!

I've got a big chief smoker and I'm located in Oregon. We hold an annual crawfish boil in honor of a fellow workmate that was from Louisiana that passed all to suddenly. Ialways make something special and this year I'm making nutria summer sausage and found someone from this site has already made what I was thinking I would do and it turned out great!

Happy smoking,
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Welcome to SMF!


Man I love a good crawfish boil!


Glad to have you with us!



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Welcome to the group!  Like Al said, can't beat a good crawfish boil!  Nutria summer sausage sounds awesome to me, I think my GF threw up a little bit in her mouth.  She can't stand the concept of sausage.



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I think I really lucked out. My friend has a pond that he feeds wood ducks corn and a nutria has been eating the corn. Corn fed nutria so I can't imagine it getting any better then that!
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Welcome. This site is awesome.
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