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Using an AMNPS to season a new MES30?

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Hey All,


I have seasoned many smokers in the past but the MES30 I have came preseasoned as I bought it used.  I ran my own seasoning process by cleaning everything with mild detergent and water, drying it, and heating the MES to the max and then adding chips every 20-30 minutes for about three hours.  Shortly after that purchase, I got an AMNPS and have never used chips since.  


I recently got tasked with smoking 100 pounds of sausage for a charity and was lucky enough to find a duplicate  brand new MES30 to what i already have (minus the window)  for next to nothing on craigslist. (I know 2 MES30s are still not large enough for this load, but I have all weekend allotted for it and lots of help)


Can i just clean everything as I mentioned before and run some pellets in the AMNPS for a few hours instead of using the chips to season.  Seems like less of a hassle?


If so, how long do you think I should run the AMNPS?  3 hours?  More?


Thanks everyone for your input.  I'll definitely post some picks when the 100 pounds are smoked!

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I would think 3 hours would be just fine.


Man that's a load of sausage!


Good luck!


What a great excuse to buy another smoker!



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I think you will be fine with your plans.


I would follow the seasoning procedure for the MES with the AMNPS.

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They have you covered 


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Thanks so much guys!!

Al, it was only $40 bucks brand new in the box! Even if I didnt need it for this event I would have HAD to buy it. My smoker buying addiction needs its fix haha
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Seasoned it today and with the maverick placed right in the middle of the smoker, the digital thermometer in the MES was, to quote a classic film, "Dead on balls accurate!" Haha it was amazing. Stock thermometers are usually always off.
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