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Smoked Wings Plan

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I am going to do some smoked wings this weekend.  They are on sale, I am doing a pork shoulder but wanted some sides.


My (tentative) plan:

Cut the flapper off and divide the wings up into drummettes and wingettes.  Marinade for a few hours in Italian dressing and THE BBQ RUB from  Also going to add some Slap Yo Mama hot spice- that stuff is HOT!


Going to generously re-rub them and slap them on the smoker around 250 degrees most likely, since my pork shoulder will be going.


At the end I will marinade them in a sauce- leaning towards thai chili- then finish em on the gas grill for 5-10 minutes to crisp them up.


I will post pics and update this weekend! 

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Sounds like a plan to me!


If it wasn't raining so hard I think I would go to the store & get some wings.


That sounds really good right now!



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Well how did they turn out??



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Alright- sorry for the delay.  They literally were the best wings I have ever had.  Smoked for 2.5 hours then sauced with Thai Chili and put them on the grill for 5 minutes each side (not sure if that was really necessary).  They were amazingly tender and flavorful.  Also did a pork shoulder and some bockwurst, pics below!



Wings seasoned with THE BBQ RUB and Slap Yo Mama 


Crispin on the grill after smoking.


Last one left!! HUGE hit!!



Pork shoulder and bockwursts.

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Everything looks delicious, especially the wings!



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:sausage:Yell buddy that's some good looking wings and fire hot with season man o man. Is that last one still left????  points1.png



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Looks great Nice job 



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Thanks.  Marinading in the italian dressing definitely kept them moist.  I don't know how much they really needed to go on the grill, they were pretty crispy from the smoker!                    

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