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Smokin Montana

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Hello all! I have been using a Traeger Texas for about 2 years now. After having some food off a friends, I said I have got to get one. Now I smoke/grill almost every meal on it. I have a great group of friends that smoke too so its always fun to talk about their experiences too. I have done everything from cold smoking cheese, mac n cheese, veggies, brisket, ribs, boston butt, chocolate chip cookies and many other things. I wanted to try my hand at making bacon. I ran across Pop's brine recipe and whipped it up last night. Fingers crossed it turns out amazing. I look forward to the forum. Happy Smoking!
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Welcome to the forum Hagar!


Glad to have you join us.


I use Pop's brine recipe too, it's just too easy.


Keep us posted on your bacon project.



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Hagar, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here with all your experience.  You'll fit right into the discussions.  Have fun with the bacon.  Pop's brine is a favorite and time tested recipe.   


Personally I've never smoked pork belly because it just isn't available in my area at a price I'm willing to pay (currently it is anywhere from $4.99 to $7.99/lb).  Consequently I cure and hot smoke pork butts (buckboard bacon at $0.99/lb to $1.38/lb) and pork loins (Canadian bacon at $1.29/lb to $1.78/lb).  When finished they are fully cooked.   I always have plenty vacuum sealed in the freezer and fridge.  Makes for a quick protein meal or meal addition (soups, eggs, scrambles, sandwiches, pizzas, etc).


Have fun and looking forward to seeing you around the forum!



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