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I do,  Be watching for them



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It's hard to beat chuck eye steaks for value, flavor, and tenderness.  Seems like word got out about these common man filet mignons a couple years ago when beef prices soared.  I used to buy them all the time for $3.99 to $4.99/lb.  Now I never see them and when I do they are $7.99/lb or higher. 

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Great looking beef to me Gary!



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Thanks Disco, We had some again last night, they were not quite as tender, but had more marbling ???




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My wife's best friend came down for the weekend, so we had our Mothers day dinner Saturday Night. Chuck Eyes, Shrimp, Ribs, Baked Potato and Beans.


I fired up the ECB (Bottom Part) to cook over Charcoal and Hickory. Everything turned out great.  ------ BUT !   I was disappointed in the Chuck Eye's. I had saved the best looking ones with the most marbling for that night. They really were good looking steaks. Mine was not near as tender as I was expecting, asked my wife she said the same thing. Now in saying that, for for the difference in price I really couldn't gripe.

 Another But !!!  When I was at the Store Saturday morning I checked the regular price on the Chuck Eyes $6.99 lb.  At that price I will stick with Ribeye's now if they run them on sale I Would buy some more.

The Flavor is great, really can't tell the difference, the texture is slightly different, and the first one I did were very tender. 


Just wanted to do a follow up to be fair



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Here are a few pics, Sorry about the quality (Phone camera) 


Ribe and Beans getting Happy, Happy




Ribs really were not that dark (Phone Camera)  Chuck Eyes waiting on the grill

to get just right



You can see how nice these looked good marbling

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Looks good...JJ

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This should have been posted in Beef     My Bad    Sorry



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