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Smoken problem.

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My name is John live in Missouri, been smoking seriously for 3 years, mostly venison summer sausage and salami. I also do Italian brats and breakfast sausage but do not smoke any of those.  Here in Missouri we can harvest a few deer, and there are many where I live in fact to many. One can get 2 tags in archery season plus buy as many doe tags over the counter,then you can get a fire arm tag and harvest 2 deer, then we have an alternate season, so one would be foolish not to start supplementing ones grocery with venison.


The problem I am having I get a tough crust around the sausage, not sure why I followed the smoking directions in the package that comes with the seasoning, I use a homemade smoker that I made from a fridge I lined it in oak boards. I use a heating element I bought on line from Bradly. I have a chimney damper and 3 vents in the bottom that I can control the air.  I use a smoke generator to apply smoke, it all works rather well, i hang the sausage with a probe inserted in the center using rods.  I add water to a pan to keep moist.


I need some suggestions on how to minimize that crusting.  Other than that the sausage is some of the best I have eaten.Need some answers.

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John Welcome to SMF 


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Hello and welcome to you John.

Glad to see you here.

Someone should be along shortly that actually knows

something about your troubles.

I'm pretty new to all this too.




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John.. If you would post your question in the sausage sub forums you will get a lot more responses... this is the roll call sub forum.... not to many of the sausage guru's look through the roll call sub forum...
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:welcome1: Glad to have you on board lot of great guys and gal here with tons of info. take time to read Initial Greeting on Home page it contains a lot of helpful info.



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Welcome to the forum, John.


Glad to have you aboard.


Like Keith said if you post your question here, you will get more responses.



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Welcome to the forum!  You could also use the search magnifier for additional information.  Lots of info available on this great site!



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