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Questions on pork bellies

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Where's a good curing recipe for the bellies? I was given 3-1/2# of chunk cuts and don't know what to do with it. How would I slice it into bacon slices, after curing or before?

Thanks for the help.

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Here were some tips given to me after I ruined my first attempt at bacon. I'm picking up three 4# packages this weekend an trying again.

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Do you own a good digital scale? If not then you need to do a brine cure. If you do then you can do either a brine cure or a dry rub cure.

You will want to cure the whole belly, not sliced.

Here are two places to start. Pop's brine is the easiest way to cure. You will need to get Prague powder #1, also referred to as cure #1 or pink salt #1. It is easily found online.

Here's a few good reads.

Read this first to get to know the different types of cures and how they are used:

Then look at these two links for curing:

If you do not have a good reliable method for weighing your meat and cure the next link is not for you. If you do have a scale that will weigh down the tenth or hundredth of a gram you can use this calculator to make a dry rub cure:
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Looks like Case has you covered.


Let us know how your bacon turns out.



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