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5lbs Brisket hot and fast.

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Looking at cooking two 5lb brisket's. Starting temp 275. How long you think it take? Looking for hot and fast due to time.
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The brisket points I've done recently were hot smoked at around 325F.  I wrapped them at 175F IT.  They took a total of about an hour a pound to get to a 200F internal temp. At 275F you're probably looking at about 1 hr 15 minutes per pound for a 5 lb brisket (smoking two makes no difference). 

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I ended up smoking it at 275 for three hours and it was reading 190. I then placed in the BBQ at 350 for another 2hrs and got it up to 199. Ended up being really tender and caked like pulled pork. I ended up liking it and the rest of the family did also. No smoke ring but good smoke flavor.
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That's great that it turned out so good.


I have been wanting to try the hot & fast method for some time.


I guess when you have been doing it one way for so long it's hard to change & try something new.


Especially with an expensive piece of meat.


I guess I'll have to try it on a small brisket just to satisfy my curiosity.


Nice smoke!


Wish you had some pics to go along with your thread.



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Sorry I normally do take photos. This is the one time I didnt.
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