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smoke sausage casing question?

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Hello everyone I am a new member to this forum. I hoping I can chime in on helping others here as well. My question is : how to get that nice smoke color on my kielbasa sausages to retain its color when preserved. I'm wondering if companies like hillshire are using a edible collagen casing, instead of natural to smoke their sausages. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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It will get the color after smoking it then into a water bath then hung to dry. Called blooming. That's when the color sets real well.

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Thanks guys for helping out. I'll post some pictures soon. Still getting use to using this forum..thanks guys:yahoo:
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Yep...Collagen Casing. Way cheaper than natural but the big reason it is Consistent for the massive production used and the length can be customized for the production volume . Imagine some min wage worker loading 10' lengths of Hog casing, by hand, on an automated production line running 10' a second...:icon_eek:...JJ

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