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Pecan smoked Rabbit

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Going to try smoked rabbit tonight. Started off doing an overnight brine using Pops slaughter house brine. With added coriander and cardomon and juniper berries .
I rinsed and dried it off then applied just a little olive oil and Jeffs Texas rub plus added just a little more black pepper, I then cut some fresh Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, oregano. And tied them together with butchers twine to form a bouké garney. (Sp?) then stuffed in cavity along with some orange slices.
Smoked at 220 untill IT reached 155. Then Cary over til 160.
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Man I was wondering what happen that I never got my Easter Egg this year now I know. :ROTF


Looks great I like rabbit but have never smoked one.



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I do like farm raised smoked rabbit, a bacon wrap will help, but never tried 'em brined before though. Looking forward to learning how they absorb. Matter a fact I have a rabbit picked out for this week. 


Wild rabbits are just to lean/dry I believe to smoke, they always ended up like smoked rabbit jerky in my hands. But some kick-butt jerky!


Some me something good!

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Came out amazing. I think it was because of the brine that made it come out so juicy. I almost wrapped in bacon but decided not to at last minute. Besides I like the real thin bacon because they tend to crisp up nicely. Also at 140 I wrapped it and added a little IPA for added steam and smoked for another 2 hours
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2thumbs.gif Very nice!


Never had smoked rabbit, though my mother use to make some awesome tasting rabbit stew.

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I have a wabbit that needs cooking, thanks for the inspiration. Gonna have to brine it now!



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WOW.  That looks great.


You have a link for Pops slaughter house brine?

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That looks delicious!


I haven't had rabbit since I was a kid!


Nice job!



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Just go into search engine on this sight and type it in. It will pop right up. Amazing brine!
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