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First ribs

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Put the St Louis ribs on the smoker about a half hour ago at 230 degrees. Smoker is holding good temp but the smoke coming out of the vent has tapered off.

I put a cup full of apple chips in the pan and had great smoke at first. The vent is wide open.


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Your smoke should be just a light bluish color hard to see. The type of smoker would also be helpful as others can tell you roughly how often you need to reload more chips. Don't forget everyone loves pic's,good luck and have fun!
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I have a MES 30

The ribs have been on for almost and hour and I checked the chip tray and it was just ash. Dono added more chips.

Should the chips burn up that fast. A cup in 45 min. The Smoker is holding temp at 230.

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That sounds about right it tends to vary I add anywhere from a 1/2 hr to an hour .

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Yep every half hour or so.


That's why most guys use an AMNPS.


You get good smoke for several hours without reloading.



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Ok guys sounds good.

After this smoke I will ask you what a AMNPS is and which one I need for my smoker.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Another question.

I purchased the cold smoke adapter for my MES.

I haven't even taken it out of the box yet. Would this help with constantly adding chips?? If not I will purchase the above mentioned product.
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