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First time jerky maker

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Hi all did my first batch of jerky today, total of 4 pounds and spent 7 hours drying (~2lbs in a dehydrator ~2lbs in the smoker) both had the same pepper garlic seasoning for 30 hours. Man did the one in the smoker take on A better flavor. I hit it with my AMNPS and some hickory pellets for 2 hours.... Now I wish I did all 4lbs in the smoker! Next time though it will spend less time as I find it a bit too crispy

Left is dehydrator tight is smoked
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It sure looks good from here!


Nice job!



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Looks tasty! The only way to make jerky is in the smoker! You may want to look at using a stepped heat method. Start at a low temp heat for the first hour. I shot for 120-130. Then every hour raise the temp ten degrees until the smoker hits 170 or until the jerky reaches the texture you want. Using this method allows a good amount of smoke and creates a better texture.
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cww, looks good !

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Yes sir!!!! Looking good to me also....

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Looks good from here, alot better then my first batch in my old ronco years back. Thumbs Up

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