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Short Ribs

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Hey all. I got some beef short ribs to smoke tomorrow. Never done them before. They came in little 3 bone, 8" long racks about 3 inches wide and 2 in thick. Any pointers on how to do these and approximately how long they might take to cook properly (and at what cooking temp)? Will the 3-2-1 method work for these? I'm using MES30. Thanks!
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I run them in the 240-250 range on my WSM. It can take upwards of 6-7 hours to smoke at that temperature. I keep the rub simple(SPOG) and use hickory and almond/pecan for the smoke. This combination of rub and smoke lets the beef flavor shine through. 



Once you try them, you may never go back to pork ribs... cow.gif

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Yep, do them just like spares.


3-2-1 will work just fine.




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