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Smokin in Mexico

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Just joined the forum, and really looking forward to connecting with so many people as into q as i am. I live in Mexico City but grew up in Houston so texas bbq reminds me of grest times as a kid. I have never owned a smoker but have wanted one for a while, the issue is you just cant find any for sale over here in Mexico (even though i Know some brands make their smokers on this side of the boarder).
Every once in a while i look on the mexican equivalent of ebay for an offset smoker in the hopes that someone might be selling one and to my surprise, a couple of weeks ago someone posted offset smokers for sale, so i went ahead and contacted the seller and he sent me some pictures of the smoker, right away I could tell the puctures were not his but off of another site (matt bbq pits) but the seller seemed to know what he was talking about so i went ahead and bought a pit from him. It is my first pit and have been asking him for pitures of the progress and he sent some last week and a few more this mirning, but i eanted the input of some of the more experienced members of the forum, how you see it.
More than likely i will have to do some mods but i want to know what yall think, and if there is anything in particular i should fix right away. [IMG][IMG][IMG]

Anyways looking forward to hearing your comments and critiques.
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He also said he threw in some tuning plates and an extra plate with some wholes in it, but its nothing like the ones i have seen before 😳
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A picture before the paint went on
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Welcome JB! I envy you living in Mexico. Awesone people, food, and culture. HAPPY smoking. !!
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Welcome to the forum.


Glad to have you aboard. 


Your smoker looks like a well built unit.


Can't wait to see it in action.



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