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Smokehouse accessories

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I need two things now that I have my smokehouse done.


1. Meat Hooks

I need hooks for hanging deer and other meat for making dried beef and hams on 1 1/4" dowels. I will buy them but I am considering buying cold rolled steel and bending my own hooks and seasoning them in a fire and blacking them with canola oil. I'ts pretty easy and I like the projects. Suggestions would be nice though. 



2. Trays

I need trays for making jerky and resting meat or birds on. The house is 4' tall and 21" wide and 24" deep inside. I think 21" x 24" 1/2" angle trays with expanded metal on the top might be too heavy and once meat it on it very heavy. I might like 10" x 18" cooling racks but can't find anything cheap. Plus I'd like to be able to rest a couple chickens on one. I like the full size rack idea and am not thrilled on the racks randomly rested on dowels. So i am not sure on which way to go. 


Any thoughts on either one?

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I think on the hooks that you are headed in the right


My only thought might be maybe stainless on the rod.

On the racks I use full size oven racks sitting over dowels

you could use rebar or cold rolled or you name it.



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Check out the sausage under processing butchering they have various size hooks 3 for less than ten dollars. Not sure on shipping cost but might be worth checking on.

There are other places but that was  the first one I thought of and was able to find what I believe you are looking for just google meat hooks and you should find lots of options. As for the other rebar is cheap and available in various diameters and length. Just burn it with a hand tourch or cover it in aluminum foil prior to use.Good luck and let us know how you make out.


Jerry S.

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I have not figured on the hooks yet, but still think I will just use cold rolled steel and oil season it.


The trays I am gong to by 8' sticks of 3/4" angle and weld the frame and drop 1/2" expanded flat metal from the under side and tack it in with the welder. Oil seasoning these will probably need a fair sized camp fire and be a process. Sheets are $45 at the metal supply yard and i can get 8 shelves, but think 4 might handle all I need. 21" x 24 is huge for making jerky and 1 will probably hold as much as  4 tray dehydrator.

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I posted in smokehouses as I made the shelves. I figured I would post a copy here as it might work for someone with a hot smokers also.




I started on making my shelves and went to the metal shop and "flat" expanded metal sheet and 3/4" angle x 1/8" and that came in 20' lenths so I just had them cut it in 10' lengths so it fit in my truck better. I only needed 8' lengths, but its cost more to have them cut it than having the 2' scrap I can use later one. I was only going to buy 21" x 48" sheets of expanded metal but its just as keep to buy a full sheet as to have it cut. The guy told me the shear cost $6k to sharpen and they charge accordingly to use it. I cost as much for a full sheet at $50 to have any piece of it cut off. I bought 1/2 x#13 FLAT expanded metal


The image is a little degraded from the upload and resizing but here is one stick of 3/4" angle cut with notches to fold it for the frame of the trays. The notches are cut on 45° angles and spaced as shown below.




Here is it seconds later after being bent to the frame shape.


Two of them made and welded. These made up real fast and I only bought two stick of 3/4 and should have just bought the 4 and I would have been done all of it already. They we cut to be 21" x 25" but turned out to be 21.25" by 25.25" as the folding added a 1/8" on each side. I have 21.5" of width and they fit nice and tight, luckily I didn't try and make them tight.


I ground the corners with the angle grinder and cut the expanded metal , dropped it in from the bottom and welded to teh frame with a tack and let that tack ball touch the expanded metal which melts much easier and holds it in place.


Now I just need to season them with oil. I tried building a fire and using lard over it and that was a failure. I think I am going to buy large propane torch for the 10# tanks and season it with that and canola oil.


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