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Allow me to introduce myself

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My name is Dick and I live in Caldwell, Idaho.  I recently retired and decided to take up smoking meats in memory of my father, Robert.  Dad had built a smoker from an old refrigerator and it had been out beside my mother's garage since he passed away in 2005.  I drug it out of the scrap pile and proceeded to restore it.  It is an electric smoker and he had used 220v components from a discarded electric range to power.  The dial thermostat was shot and there was a lot of rust in the bottom. I restored the fridge with a new 220v capillary dial thermometer, new coil heating element, and a coat of paint.  My wife put a sign on it that says "Bob's Smokehouse".  Now I get to think of my dad every time I use the smoker.  To date I have done mostly fish (kokanee and trout) and pork shoulder.  I am looking forward to many more years of smoking but have realized the smoker will need an upgrade to the temperature controller.  Take care and God bless!

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Welcome to the forum Dick.


Glad to have you with us.


Sure would like to see a pic of your fridge smoker.


Be it's awesome.



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Glad you joined us Dick!  That is a nice smoker!



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