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Reverse Sear Ribeye Dinner

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Cooked in the oven at 270 degrees until 125 internal temp.  Seared both sides afterwards on high heat for about a minute and a half on each side until internal temp was 135 degrees.  Used Montreal Steak Seasoning.  Homemade loaded potato and cucumber, onion and tomato salad.



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Looks tasty!

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What is a oven? Just kidding looks tasty!
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Nice job, looks delicious!



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Looks great nice job.............

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Nice job steak looks great.I'd eat that.


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Looks great Nice Job,,, I love the MS seasoning also,, my go to 



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Super Steak, Sir!



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Mmmm...looks great!
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mmmmmmm, that looks great!  Thanks for sharing!  I'm cooking steaks tomorrow night and may try that.  I generally cook them in my smoker, but without smoke ... so basically, an oven.  :-)


But your searing and rub look tasty!

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Looks great!  

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