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Turkey thighs for pulled Turkey

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I found some nice large turkey thighs (3/4#) at my butcher and want to smoke them to make pulled turkey. I have followed the instructions for pulled chicken and it has been excellent but given the small size of the thighs some of the outside meat got a little tough. I tried both skinless and skinned and the skinned were better (although more work) but still didn't pull as nice as what I would have liked. So I want to try the turkey thighs to see if they might be betters. My plan is to follow the same procedure as on the this web site -- brine, smoke to 170 and pull. I think the real question is, is 170 still the best finish temperature. Anybody have any comments or reason this will not work?  Thanks

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It sounds like a plan to me!


170 is perfect for thighs.



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You should be right in the ball park temp wise. I wouldn't go any higher as you'll dry out the turkey. I have found that chicken thighs pull better than turkey thighs. just my experience. The last batch (chicken) I did I smoked for a few hours then put into my Ogallala Cream can to finish. Came apart so easy there wasn't any pulling required!  So with that said not everyone has a cream can cooker. Smoke for 2 hours, put in foil pan with chicken/or turkey stock. Even better if the stock is made from a smoked bird. Cover and finish that way in a low temp smoker or oven. You'll get the smokey goodness and super tender fall apart meat.

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Thanks for the reply. I will give it a try. I have tried smoking the chicken and then finishing it off covered and that worked okay but the smoke wasn't quite as strong as I like. I will see how these turkey thighs work and then maybe go back to chicken as I just got the cold smoker for my MES and it generates more smoke than the built in tray so maybe the finishing in the pan will work better.

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