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Skinny butt with Q-Veiw

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Trying to make up for lost time. Yesterday I polished off the ribs I cooked on Saturday morning. So with nothing smoked to eat I picked up a baby butt and put it on this morning. That will be gone by Wednesday night, so I gotta start thinking about what I can smoke for Thursday and Friday eats, then plan for the weekend smoke. I normally travel a lot during the week so when I don't have to hit the road, I am a chain smoker. 


BTW- I recently read Franklin's BBQ Manifesto and perhaps the 2 things I got from it that will pay dividends for years is butcher paper and he take on rubs, particularly using lots of course black pepper. Instinctively I knew pepper was good, but I had not been as literal in the use. I also used to use fresh ground pepper from my spice grinder. Franklin's take is to use very course (16 mesh-which I will have to order) store bought pepper. Reasoning is you can use a lot without overpowering the taste of the meat. The advantage is the texture you achieve. I must say, using a top of course black pepper is rocking the rubs I am making. 


Rubbed butt: 



At about 180* I wrapped in butcher paper. 









Threw some walking bird one towards the end. This rub works on everything. 

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Looks tasty!drool.gif
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Great looking food! I'm a big fan of Franklin and the way he does things. :439:

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Very nice!



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Nice looking butt there.


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