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Wedding feast pork loin

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Can't think of a better reason to fire up my smoker than catering my own wedding.  It started this last weekend when I went lookin' at babyback ribs but found some real nice pork loin on sale fore $1.79/lb.  Bought a nice 10# slab, cut it into 4 chunks. 2 for Teriyaki and 2 for BBQ flavor.  Made some brine for each.


For the T yaki I used 1/2 cup kosher salt, 2 cups Kikoman Tyaki marinade, 1 Tblspoon, garlic, 1 Tblespoon onion powder and 1 teaspoon ground ginger.

For the BBQ I used 1/2 cup kosher salt, about 2 cups Kraft Mesquite BBQ sauce, 1 Tblspoon onion powder, 1 teaspoon garlic, and 1 teaspoon ground sage.


After soaking in the brine for 4 days I fired up my smoker to an IT of 200* with cherry wood chips.  Had some sausage dogs needing to get eatin so I put them in for the first hour and a half.

                                                                                        8:30 a.m. smoker smokin, good book and fine coffee, great start to

                                                                                        a great day !


                            10:20 a.m. - time to pull the dogs. IT on the pork at 136* :popcorn  cheers.gif



11:45 a.m. - hit the magic 145* mark. Pulled the loins, wrapped 'em in foil and towels ( I don't have a cooler so just left em wrapped in the towels for 30 minutes ).  I did baste the BBQ chunks one time with barby sauce at the 10:20 a.m. mark.

I was a little worried the long brine time would result in a salty meat but it came out wonderful.  The flavors were rich and subtle and the meat is juicy juicy juicy ! 



I saved a chunk for dinner and vac packed and froze the rest to be thawed out and warmed up for the wedding feast in July.  Gonna also smoke a pile of babybacks, western beans and BBQ chickens served with corn on the cob, smoked-tater salad, watermelon, and cherry and apple pie. More of that story as it happens :pot:.


Happy smokin y'all ! - Ed

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Sounds like a great wedding!





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Nice looking loin.  It should be a real hit at your wedding.



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Thanks Al !

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Thank ya Gary !

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So many come here wanting to do the cook that day. Before July you're gonna have so much backed away just needing warming up. Very impressive!


Shoot no telling what you'll see or do by then.


Anyone asks tell 'em you are registered at Costco!


Oh and congratulations. I hope its a great day!

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Appreciate your kind words and well wishes FH !

I've got 2 racks of Babybacks rubbed and ready, going in the smoker tomorrow 7 a.m.   Nothing like having piles of smokey goodness stocked up and just waitin' for a good gathering of folks to enjoy it !

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SA, Sounds like you will have a stockpile of excellent smoked goodies for your wedding!

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The stockpile grew a bit more today. Smoked up a couple full racks of babybacks this morning.

Posting pics soon ...

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Great looking smokes SA,  I need to do like you and freeze some, my DR. says I need to stop eating so much smoked meats and cheese, haha!  

Hope you have a great wedding!

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Thanks much JJ ! :beercheer:


Did up a batch of Babybacks yesterday for the wedding. Still have one more batch of BB's to do, then about 10 lbs of chicken on the grill and I'll be done with the meat prep for the feast.

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Man those loins look delicious, Alaskan!! Great cook & post.
What's your policy on wedding crashers?
Congrats & may you both have a long & happy life together!
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Great loins, great pictures, great thread, great times.


Must be due for points!



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Thank ya Dan, if ya gonna be near S.E. Missouri in July ya be welcome ...
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Great compliments, thank ya Disco !
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Love that idea, I'm going to have to try that loin....


Also like the smoked dogs idea!

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Thanks much SF.  I forgot to mention in my brine recipe, I used about a gallon of water for each brine mix. Happy smokin' !  :beercheer:

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Looking gooood.  Good idea freezing them. You'll probably be pretty busy with the wedding prep.

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Those loins look great. That inspires me to brine mine for this weekend. Congrats on the wedding. I'm sure the food will be a big success too.

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