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1st one was a big one

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I did my 1st butt in the MES over the weekend.  It started out as a 13.4 lb boneless shoulder.  I was figuring about 26 hours at 225, and hoping for better.  I started it at 3 pm on Friday hoping to eat by 5 pm on Saturday, but would let the temperature dictate supper time.  I probed it for the first time at 10 pm before I tried to get a bit of nap in.  It was only 117 which I was slightly alarmed at.  I was hoping to be at least 135 by then.  I panicked a bit but remembered all the guidance from you guys.........patience.  So I let it ride.  About every 2 hours I would check it.  At 8 am it was at 160 and i did raise the temp up to 250.  At 2 pm 195, and at 3 finally hit 200.  I let it rest for 2 hours and pulled at 5.  It was awesome!!  The best thing I learned again is patience and let the temperature of the meat dictate the plan.


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That's some good looking PP!


Love the bark!!


Nice job!





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Now that's  some nice looking butt.

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That sure looks like it was worth the wait!!  Glad you rode it out and didn't try to bull your way through the cook.



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That's why they say BBQ is a religion. You have to have faith.

Good job!thumb1.gif

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Sweet looking butt. Love that dark color and bark. 

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Great looking pp!
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