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Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Halves on my PBC

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Hi all,


Yesterday (Sunday), I smoked four chicken halves and four racks of ribs. 


Here are some pics


Hooked & Ready

Here are my ribs, hooked and ready for the smoker. My rub for the ribs consisted of Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Peppercorns, Dark brown sugar, Salt, Oregano, Hot Paprika & Smoked Paprika. I usually coat my meats with oil before applying my rubs. After reading a few posts on this forum, I have seen a lot of people use mustard. So I tried two different type of mustards on these ribs. The ribs on the left had Yellow (American) mustard and the ribs on the right have English mustard.




Chicken & Smoke

Here are my chicken halves hanging in the PBC. The chicken halves at the top of the pic have been coated with Yellow (American) mustard and the same rub i used for the ribs applied. The chicken halves at the bottom of the picture was rubbed with peanut oil and Chinese 5-spice applied. You can also see one chunk of Apple wood resting on the charcoals. 




Ribs & Chicken

The ribs have come to join the party. Here you can see four racks of ribs and the four chicken halves all hanging from the PBC.





Lid put on the PBC. i didn't lift the lid for another 1.5hrs. But i did touch the sides of the PBC every so often in that 1.5hrs, just to make sure it maintaining temperature. 




1.5hrs later

At this point i used a thermometer to check the temperature of the chicken. It was 70C




BBQ Sauce

I then coated two chicken halves with BBQ sauce




Wrapped in Foil

I also coated two of the ribs in BBQ sauce and wrapped all the ribs up in foil




Back in the PBC

I then put both the ribs and chicken halves back on the PBC. I initially hung the wrapped ribs also, because of space



Only ribs left

After 20mins i took the chicken out. i then took the metal rods out of the PBC and then put in the grate. I then placed the foil wrapped ribs on the grate and put the lid of the PBC back on. I then cooked it like this for another 1hr



Lets eat!

i actually forgot to take a pic of the ribs and chicken before i started eating it! This pic is after we started devouring the meats haha. 




Closing thoughts

This is only my fourth cook on the PBC and the ribs were the best I've ever cooked - so tender and moist and tasty. With a great smoked taste. The chicken was fantastically moist with a great smoked taste. My only slight complaint, is that the chicken skin was not crispy. When i next have a BBQ with guest, i would properly use my Bondi Kettle BBQ to crisp up the skin after i pull the chicken from the PBC. And maybe add some BBQ sauce at the point also.


Thanks for reading 



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Looks like a great meal!


Everything looks delicious!





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Thanks @SmokinAI

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