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Smoked Korean chicken wings and smoked ribs

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Had a good smoke this past weekend. The Korean smoked chicken wings turned out amazing and so did the ribs. The Korean sauce was homemade. The ribs I usually wrap but I realized I didn't have any foil half way in. For ribs I do 2 hours of cooking and then wrap for two hours. Since I wasn't able to wrap them I think they could have cooked for another hour to get a little bit more tender to make the full smoke time 5 total hours instead of 4. I've never done chicken wings before and I must say I nailed them. They were really tasty with crispy skin and a soft juice inside. I smoke around 275f. I must say ever since I took the sliding door off of my smoker and just used the fire to create the temp I want and not any of the dampers it really produces such a clean smoke taste to everything. I never get bad or that nasty strong of a smoke when the airflow throughout my smoker is fresh and produces a lot of energy out of the smoke stack. I've been very happy throughout all of my smokes since I've done the mods on it.
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In Franklin's BBQ Manifesto Book he says he cooks with the fire box door wide open. Says he controls the heat with the size of the fire.

Those ribs are gorgeous.
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Yup that's exactly where I got it from. It helps!!
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Excellent looking wings & ribs!


Nice job!



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Thanks Al!

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All that looks amazing. I'd be very interested in the recipe on those wings and I would absolutely subscribe to your newsletter.

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Great looking smoke!
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·    Solidbob here you go my friend !

·         2 tablespoons fine or medium ground red chili pepper

·         2 tablespoons soy sauce

·         2 tablespoons sugar, honey, or corn syrup

·         1 tablespoon rice or cooking wine

·         4 cloves peeled garlic

·         1/2 inch peeled fresh ginger

·         2 heaping tablespoons gochujang 


·       water as needed to obtain a thin paste (I didnt really do this part. the sauce was thick and it turned out really well on the smoked wings)

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Excellent! I just happen to have some gochujang sitting in my fridge that never gets used. Thanks!

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No Problem enjoy! send pics when you are smoking them wanngs!

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Tasty looking smoke!
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