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The 57

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The seed still grows. So I sweated some onions and bell pepper in some butter.



2 slices rare roast beef. Stuffed with some of the sweated veggie mix and shredded provolone.




Why would'nt you know its rolled.




I would not have rolled it, if I was not going smoke it.





Brushed with melted butter.



Stuffed into some 2 oz Bolillios topped with provolone, and broiled.



Topped with 57.


My cheese steak is rolled and smoked. What would you expect?

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That will work. Looks good...JJ

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That looks great. I had my first Bolillio last week. I was looking for pistolettes and was pleasantly surprized.


That is a great idea. I see more Bolillios in my future and I have got to try your SC cheese steak.


Thank you for showing me something new.

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Very nice. I could see adding some heat - jalapeño or giardiniera - to that veggie mix too.

Great looking sandwich
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Very nice Thumbs Up. How did you cook the rare beef? smoked too?

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Nice job!


Looks delicious!



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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Very nice Thumbs Up. How did you cook the rare beef? smoked too?

Sorry Wade, but I cheated..... Fresh sliced from the deli. I love to smoke roast beef but sometimes its nice to say nahh slice it thinner. I'm going roll this up and smoke it. Also I use the rare roast beef because I am cooking it again, and do not want it stamped Nike.

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Looks tasty!
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