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Hey guys

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Hi guys,

Newbie from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. My name is Marc and although I am new to smoking meat I am not new to cooking πŸ˜‰ Ever since I could walk I've been in the kitchen, a lot my teachings came from my grandfather who was head cook for Abitibi wood products keeping all the lumberjacks fed and maintaining all the cooks at various camps throughout Northern Ontario as well as being a cook for the Espanola POW camp during the war. The man was very resourceful and I'd like to think I am as well ☺️

I've been smoking and grilling with the chargriller duo5050 with the smoker box attachment for the last year and so far it has served me well. I look forward to being a member and as the adage goes:"no pics, it never happened!" So here are some pics, enjoy,


Ps: the bird was done in the oven 😜
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:welcome1:Β to SMF!


Everything you cooked looks delicious!



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Thanks! And they all were πŸ˜‹...except for my very first batch of smoked pork ribs ever which, from my understanding, were over smoked and turned out like ham 😬 I think I learned my lesson since then.
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