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Cast iron

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I'm not sure we're this question should really be posted. So I figure this is a good place to start.
I would like to cook some frozen cod fillets in my traeger, but I would like to bake them in a large cast iron fry pan. The question is this, will I ruin the cast iron in the smoker ?
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I posted this question back around Christmas and the general response was that your cast iron will take on a smoke taste when using in the future .

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So basically I should have done this a long long time ago, and should plan on doing this all of the time. This will change everything.
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I use cast iron in my smokers, over my charcoal BBQ, over open flame campfires all the time. Works great, and I don't get in trouble with the wife for using her casserole dishes.

Never had the pan take on the smoke flavor though.
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I use CI in the smoker & on the charcoal grill too. 


Never had smoke flavor either, just don't use a pan that your going to use inside the house.


They get a bit of a coating on the bottom that rubs off on just about everything.



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Another option is to get a CI pan dedicated for use in the smoker. 





Besides, a little smoke flavor in the future cooks couldn't be a bad thing... :rolleyes:

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I don't see any problem with using cook fish in. Just clean it up good. I never had a problem my self that I could notice.

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If your like me you probably wouldn't notice it I like smoke in everything !

One good tip I got was treating it with food grade flax seed oil it really makes cleanup easy .

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