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Rainbow trout in Big Chief

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After dry brine, rinse and air dry. Ready to go in the Big Chief.

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Looks fantastic!    Go Big Chief....Go!


Using one of my Big Chief's tomorrow.

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I love trout. Season just started here. What's the green?
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Looks like fresh dill to me.

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Dill indeed.
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And done
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And yum!

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Atomic, looks MY-T-FINE to me....   I'd eat it....    YUM !! 

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Looks fantastic!



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Yum is the word. Sampled some this morning after I trimmed to fit the foodsaver bags.

I love dill on cold smoked salmon, so I thought why not cooked (trout in this case) with dill.

It works. It might look like a lot in the first picture but is not. When cooked dill is not very potent (at least that's my observation).

Not everyone in my house is a dill had to leave some of the fillets alone.

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Looks excellent!


I'd be taking some of that and make smoked trout hash and eggs. Good stuff!
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Wow, those are some nice trouts, great looking smoke.


Gonna be some good eats for sure.

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Looks awfully tasty!





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Nice looking trout.  Real nice.  


I generally put dill on most fish that I cook--Just like the flavor.





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Although I hardly use my Big Chief any longer, it was my main "go to" cooker for jerky and salmon for about 2 decades (still have the same one and have only had to replace the element once).


Fish looks most excellent :points:

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Thank you fellows for Points and compliments. I am already down 3 fillets. With the ongoing lent they are lifesavers when time is scarce.

Will hit the Chief again with some salmon next week. Got to keep the smoked fish supply up.
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Nice job we like dill on our Salmon,I did a cold smoked 1 on Sunday 


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AS, looks delicious , nice job on the fish!

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