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Having a great weekend so far!

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I'm having a great weekend so far!  I started by throwing some burgers on the grill for lunch and I smoked them with some mesquite.  They came out absolutely wonderful!  Very juicy and flavorful for having only been seasoned with salt and pepper.


I then threw some pecan on the coals and two chickens rubbed in Cajun seasoning and injected with creole butter.  They came out wonderful too!  I feel the seal of approval is my wife; I caught her cutting up the chickens and eating about half of it! :)


Tomorrow I'm heading out to the Tail of the Dragon with a couple of close friends!  318 curves in 11 miles!!!!


So, I threw the chickens on after lunch and poured a Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey over ginger ale.  I was a little disappointed with the Maverick RediCheck; it displayed a probe temp of 80 and a grill temp of 45 while just sitting out in the open air. :(


I felt the need to mettle with the damn grill and this is what the chicken looked like after a couple of minutes with some pecan smoke going.


And here is what they looked like after they hit 165 and I brought them in!


I was REALLY happy with how juicy the chicken was!


The meat just came off the bone without effort.


My wife cooked up some green beans and I threw a couple of large mushrooms on the Vision that came out great.  I also had some of my favorite (store bought from Publix) potato salad!


And tomorrow I have to wake up early because a few friends and I are heading out to the Tail of the Dragon!  This is what I'm driving...


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Nice job on the chickens.  They look great.  Nice color, and the meat looks real juicy.


I do have a question regarding your plated shot.  How can you eat just ONE mushroom???????????  I didn't even know they came in groups of less than a dozen or so.  LOL.



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You sure titled the thread right.


I guess you are having a great weekend!


Your food looks fantastic!!


Great job!


Nice car too!



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JB, Tasty looking birds!

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Tasty looking smoke!icon14.gif
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Great looking chicken.  Thumbs Up  (And mushroom)  :biggrin:


Looks like your in for a nice ride on a twisty road.

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Dang, that looks delicious.
Hope you have a great ride.

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Terrific looking chicken, John.


Points for that great skin colour.



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Thanks guys!

So here is one of the reasons I love smoking chicken; smoked chicken salad sandwiches!



And here is a pic of my car from the Tail of the Dragon!


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