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Did I ruin the butt?

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Long story short, I put a butt on last night. Had the weber at 250 and fell asleep around midnight. I woke up around 5:00 and charcoal had burned out. Temp on the butt was 135. Got the heat going again and finished the cook at a temp of 205. The meat temp was in the low 100's when I fell asleep and I do not know how high it got, or how long the fire had burned out for. The wife is afraid to eat it, but it looks good. Checking for some more advice.



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Enjoy your Pulled Pork and tell your Lady she is right for being concerned but a Food Safe Instructor told you you are fine and not to worry. The IT getting to 135, already a bacteria killing temp, when you found it, indicates it was higher than that at some point because the smoker was cold but the meat was hot. Additionally if not injected, bacteria is only on the outside and the initial smoker temp killed them Hours ago...JJ

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Thanks for the quick reply. Myself and others ate the pork and are still kicking. She missed out on good chow. Thanks again.

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Glad you ate it--I know I sure would have.



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Glad everything turned out well!



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