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Pork shoulder: fat side up?

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I'm smoking my first picnic pork shoulder. Is it like a brisket where I'd want the fat side up? Thank you
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I always put the fat side down. It's just a matter of preference.
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I always put the fat down and have great results. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!!
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Depends on the smoker. If it a reverse flow put it fat side down. If a pellet or electric put it fat side up.
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I use an MES 40. Always fat side down. Meat is not a sponge, the fat just rolls down the meat, in the process keeps a bark from forming, and it's difficult enough to get a nice bark in an electric smoker.
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I trim the fat off, put it fat side up and put the fat on a rack above the meat so it drips on it & bastes it while it cooks.


Always get good bark this way.



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Well that's 3 fat side down to 1 fat side up. I'm using a mes 30. I sure appreciate the help. On briskest I always go fat side up. So here we go, fat side Down. I'll keep you posted.
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I debated using my Ok Joe offset but it super windy here in SW Kansas. Beautifull day though!
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Fat side down in my WSM
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Since I can't decide I smoke it standing. Takes a while to prop it up. And still can't sleep at night since I don't know if fat should face left, right, backward or forward.
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You are over thinking it.. a pork butt is very forgiving
Make a decision and stick to it. I bet it comes out great
Smoke til 160 wrap add 1/2cup apple juice put back on till 205. Take off let it rest. Then call me.. I will be right over!!
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One my side-fire-box fat cap up, on the wsm fat cap down. 




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