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Saying hello

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My name is Mike. I live in Driftwood, Texas. I'm about 90% complete on a smokehouse build. I've been ghosting info from this forum from other builds along the way. I'll backtrack a post chronicling my build, but for now, just wanted to officially join the conversation with a formal "hello".
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Hi Mike, we welcome you to this site.

Will be looking forward to seeing your build.



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Welcome to SMF, Mike!


As said above, looking forward to seeing your smokehouse build.



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Welcome to the forum.  

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Thanks for the welcome. Here's a couple of pics of the build. Still have a bit left to do, but getting close to the finish!!

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All I want to know is.......why don't you surf?   :yahoo:

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"Charlie don't surf" is a movie quote from Apocalypse Now.

Got the door on the smokehouse today, so I'm sitting here giving her a test burn. She's smokin' good! Smells fantastic!!
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Now that I have a little time, I should go back and chronicle my build. The smoke box is approximately 3'x3'x4'. I used rough cedar 2x4s for the framing, the siding is 1"x6" t&g cedar. The whole thing started with this old camp stove I had from back in my elk hunting days in Colorado. I basically, built the box up on legs just high enough that I could elbow out of my stove, and come in the bottoms of the house. I have a big stack of leftover bricks from my home construction to brick up to the base of the box. That's just dressing though, and only because I have the bricks sitting around. She's functional without the brick base.
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