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smoked sausages

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First go in here so I thought I would show you all what I have been up to . I have an offset smoker that I made and I use a Pit controller,to keep the pit at a constant temp and the finish meat temp, is also controlled.

Next time I will hang the sausages from a rail as they started to get char marks on them , so as you can see, I ended up putting some baking paper under them, which eliminated that problem.


I have just finished smoking venison, rabbit, duck and 3 different types of pork sausages

Pit temp 225F, finished meat temp 155F , time 1 3/4 hours.

Wood was a mixture of tea tree and Ironbark and they turned out perfect






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looks like a good spread! Nice Work!

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Man, Everything looks delicious!


That's a great looking appetizer tray.


Nice job!



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GH, I'll be over for happy hour !:icon_biggrin:

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Dang it that looks good,,, Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Looks delicious! Great job.

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What a smorgasbord and a kick-a## smoker to boot!
Great to have you with us, Greg.


Where's the Lamb? :-)
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Greg nice job on the sausage smoke


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wow....very, very nice.....all look delish and I agree with Al, nice app tray with the pickles and all. Your neighbor is a very lucky soul.....LOL. I see you're in Australia so an obvious question to me is.....have you ever done any 'roo sausage and is it possible to do? Curious minds and all that.....thanks for the posting.....Willie

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Hi Willie


Funny enough roo and emu are the next ones I am going to do and yes, it is possible to do them, you just have to add either pork or beef fat to the mince. Suet also works and I treat roo and emu, the same as if I was doing any other lean meat like venison or rabbit. In Aussie land, it is illegal to shoot emu , but it is available in speciality butcher shops, so I will have to buy some. Roo is also illegal unless you acquire tags , that then makes it legal to shoot them and we have tags. I have a hunting trip in about 2 weeks and plan on bringing back some roo meat, probably leg meat and backstraps for the sausages. That's if the backstraps make it back, I love roo and usually cook it up out bush and feed my face. It is a rather strong tasting meat, but to me , if cooked medium rare, it tastes a lot like venison. I am 3/4 of the way through writing a cook book and wont go into to details as somebody else might steal my ideas lol. When I do the roo and emu , I will let you know how the turned out and all the necessary info ie Pit temps, finished temp and time smoking . I will call the recipe in the book " The Coat Of Arms Sausages" as both are on our coat of arms :)




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Thought I Might throw these in as well. I smoked a goat Galantine a few weeks back and these were off the wild goat I shot , for the meat. I don't like waste and try and use all of the animal , so made a couple of goat horn knives


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those look killer! i really want to make  some sausages! i have a thing for hot links!

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Nice knives!
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That is a cracker of a smoker mrbuzzsaw, did you make it ?? looks like inside tanks from hot water units?




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