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Pit boss 820

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Can anyone speak for these good bad do they flucuate in temp bad etc??? I have a friend who has a pitboss and his will flucuate example if set on 225 when temp drops below it may hit as high as 280 before starting its way back down. I also have a friend who has a treager his does this also but not as much maybe 250-260 .. Is this normal among pellet grills is there something to this? Is the treager worth the extra 4-5 hundred? Ive read some on the other post was just wondering if things where better with them bout the same or worse.. Thanks in advance

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Anyone??? Somebody has to own these and like. Lol
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:welcome1: to SMF glad to have you on board lot of great guys and gals on here with tons of info. Take the time to read Initail Greeting on Home page it contains a lot of helpful info. Use search engine and ask for help on your type grill. I can't help I personaly don't know anything about pellet smokers.

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I got one a few weeks ago.

It was on sale for $450 with a $68 rebate. It seemed like a no brainer.

we got the competition blend #40 bag for $21.


I've had a 30 degree fluctuation on the lid thermometer, much less variation on the side drive thermometer.


So it has 2 thermometers. One on the handle/lid. 2nd on the inside left by the pellet drive.

Everything I have found is that the pellet drive thermometer is the one that sets the pellet feed.


I will get a 50 degree drop when I lift the lid to add,remove or flip and item.


I also got the deluxe version with the internal dampner (indirect heat/fluid drain), the full metal lower shelf, and the bottle opener on the leg.

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I bought my Pit Boss 820 a couple of weeks ago and I do notice some temp fluctuations of about +- 20 degrees or so, but I make sure not to watch it too long.  The food I have cooked so far has come out as well as I could expect.  I'll be smoking 4 pork butts tonight in it and I'll be sleeping most of the time it is cooking because I trust it enough to keep the correct temperature.  After stick smoking for years I just figure that temp swings are part of the process...

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