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sfprankster's (mis)adventures with a ThermoWerks ThermoPop

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Received my ThermoWerks ThermoPop today. It's been sitting, all lonely, at my mail service since last Thursday. It came on the late FedEx truck and we just missed picking it up, due to our road trip to SoCal... :frown: 


I got to be an an addition to my Maverick ET-732 for quick temperature readings, for when I'm too lazy to setup the second probe on my Maverick. :icon_redface:





And best of all...'s PURPLE:tongue: 






I'll add a review to this thread after I've run it through its paces over the next couple of weeks...




Thanx for the heads up for posting the ThermoWerks sale by soobaerodude!!! :smile:






Nice touch by ThermoWerks, including a sampler of Jelly Bellies in the box!!! 241.png 

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Got a chance to test the ThermoPop temperature calibration this morning...


Cold water/ice:



Spot on 32!!! :icon_mrgreen:



Boiling water:



209, couple of degrees low... :confused:




Pretty quick read times(based on my experience with my Maverick ET-732 :icon_eek: ), very close to the claimed 5-7 seconds...didn't measure the actual read time with a stopwatch...used the slow count method in my head... :rolleyes: 

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I have a thermapen & it is well worth every penny I paid for it.


I'm sure the ThermoPop is a very well made smaller version.



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I haven't had the chance to get to actually use it yet. Just for the ice/boiling water test and the palm of my hand. I'm sure I'll get my money's worth(only $20) over time. In theory, this should make the end results more consistent. :icon_exclaim:




Besides, another toy in the toybox, who can complain? :rolleyes: 

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Being that color, you should nickname it Prince.

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I may prefer Barney over Prince... 












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Updated review:




After having my ThermoPop for over a month and getting more and more chances to use it. I've found it to be accurate, easy to use and helps to turn out consistently good food.



The quick readout(4-6 seconds) is a nice feature. Having only used a Maverick ET732, this has given more options when doing multiple pieces of meat at once.


A backlit readout that is bright enough to read in the dark.


The readout rotates with a button located on the back. This can be cumbersome at times, having to repeatedly push the button to get the correct position.


Easily switchable between F* and C*,again with a small button on the back.


One drawback I've found, the overall length of the probe can make it difficult to take readings. 


For the price I paid, $20 + shipping, it's well worth the price.






And did I say it's "PURPLE!!!" :tongue:

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