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Best Store bought compost barrel

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Just curious what is the best store bought compost barrel out there.  I'd like to start making my own compost for the garden.

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There's all kinds out there. I bought the double barrel one that Costco carries this time of year. So far I have no complaints. Don't know if its the best, but it seems to work. Assembly was a bit of a pain in the @$$

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Talk to your city or county Waste Management/Dept of Public Works. Many give compost cages for free. Some also maintain free or cheap wood chip piles for a Carbon source and or Finished Compost from leaves and grass clippings collected from residents. These can get you started. Takes a bit longer than Tumbling but if you have time to turn one or more times a week, gives a greater volume of finished compost...JJ

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I got a 65 gallon bin from Lowes and it's great. Had it for two years and no real complaints. Cost was $65.00. I recommend bins over the crank/turn style, but I also like to do things old~school.
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