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New from NC

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Hey everyone, glad to see a site dedicated to smoking.  I currently live in Jacksonville, NC. and have been smoking for several years now. I had a MasterBuilt until last year when it died and just happened to be wandering thru Field and Stream Saturday and saw that they had the double door Cajun Injector smoker waiting right at the door for me, at 50% off.  Since I had just been telling the wife how I badly needed a new smoker, it was like a message from above.  So the smoker followed me home and I had to adopt it.  I have previously smoked tons of venison and beef jerky, smoked prime rib and a few briskets ( the one turkey I tried came out more dehydrated than smoked, almost made for an MRE )  My next task, which I am sure I will be asking for lots of advise on, is smoking sausage.  Never made it but am getting a grinder and stuffer next week and let the good times begin.  Hope to get to know y'all a bit better over time and look forward to some good smoking. 

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:welcome1: to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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