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My wife and I have issues, but at least we agree together on them. In fact she come home with the last two... Please do not hold this against us! beercheer.gif

- Yoder YS640

- XL Big Green Egg w/large Vortex

- Large Big Green Egg w/small Vortex

- MiniMax Big Green Egg

- Kamado Joe JR

- Char-Griller Mini Akorn a.k.a. Little Red Kamado

- Weber Smokey Joe (1987)

- Weber Smokey Joe (1991)

- Weber Smokey Joe (1995) with a WSM modification

- Weber Jumbo Joe w/mini Vortex (2012)

- Weber 22.5" kettle (pre 1979)

- Weber 22.5" kettle w/small & medium Vortex's and rotisserie & Rib-O-Lato trays (2009)

- Weber 22.5" Smokey Mountain (2012)

- Lodge Sportsman cast iron

- Char-Griller Smokin Pro w/mod's

- Orion Cooker stainless

- converted commercial stainless fridge, propane powered, thermostatically controlled with electronic pilot light
So, is your warehouse temp controlled? :-)
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Originally Posted by SmokeyMose View Post

So, is your warehouse temp controlled? :-)

Ha! The ones in our homes garage are quite kozy but not the ones we keep out in the pole barn in the winter!
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I have my big trailer rig that has a 5' x 2' cooking chamber for smoking and my 2' x 18" gas grill (call it my steak grill) mounted on it
The a little electric similar to a Brinkman i call r2d2, and a weber kettle and gas grill on the patio

Pretty much zero desire to have anything else...... until my uncle got his 10' x 42"cooking chamber Klose pit, now i am thinking something like that would be nice to have
Not exactly sure why, nut it would definitely be cool to have
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Well we have a old horizontal stick burner,a 22 inch weber kettle grill ,STOK charcoal grill (impulse buy) , traeger little tex , old Holland heritage grill and a traeger junior in the rv. My wife says no more lol
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I had 3 until recently, 2 propane and a older analog mes. I gave one of the propane smokers to a buddy and junked the mess cause I didn't have a cord for it and I needed the room. Now I have a new propane smoker on the way and my current gosm is heading up to my hunting lease.

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Five all together. A lang,a masterbuilt 40,an okie joe,a rec tec and a virticle offset and got a stumps baby xl on the way.
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Brinkman smoke and grill. I started on this after I found it in garage sale for $20.

I acquired a freestick burning over and under cabinet smoker by way of someone oweing my dad lots of money for a job. I saw the smoker before and it was the same as the ones my two uncles and grandpa had. I wanted to buy it. Turned out, my uncle bought it for his other friend, whose widow owed my dad money.

A Pit Boss pelet grill. My gasser from Waly-World was getting old and troublesome. My friend wanted one but would not commmit to buying one. My wife got me the pit boss as a college graduation gift, so I could grill and smoke. I gave him the gasser.
Later when my friends apartment building restricted all apartments from having trills on the deck, he gave it back to me after he made some improvements so I also have the gassed.

A homemade UDS-this may be my favorite. I started making this a year ago June to make BBQ while camping with family and got sidetracked with foster kids (one 14 year old one 2, 1 1/2, and 1 to date--younger when we got them). I finished it in March. I have used it two handfuls of times and like it and getting exited to make some good Q when we go camping.

Future plans≈ thinking about my next UDS project. I may model it like a PitBarrelCooker or to make into a Roti?
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