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First cajun turkey !!!

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Smoked my first turkey today!! Here it is!!
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12.5 lb turkey!! Smoked it between 235 and 250. ..... It smoked for about 4 1/2 hours ! It was at 170 breast temp when I removed it! ... It was the best turkey I have ever had !!! Nice and juicy!!! No brine but it was a pre flavored cajun turkey!!
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This guy was responsible for the amazing turkey!! Also I did use a water pan for this cook which I usually don't use but since turkey is known for being dry ( which I hate) I decided to give it a shot
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Never heard of preseasoned turkeys,looks tasty!
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I hadn't either ... Good ole Wally word special... Also it should be noted that it didn't have any cajun tats to it !! But I could see where it was injected and it was very juicy! I also stuffed an onion inside along with a chopped up pear!!! I also rubbed it down with a hot and spicy oil prior to and during the smoke !
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Great job. And I am a coonazz.....LOL


There are lots of Cajun injections floating around. You didn't mention what wood did you use?


I don't understand why we can only get turkeys at the holidays. I love a sammie, Heck I make dressing and gravy too. Now that's a bun to see, with turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce...LOL  Sure is good though.


Points! Oh hell yeah!

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I used cherry wood
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Nice turkey!  points1.png



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Great looking turkey!


Awesome color!



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