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Sweeter chicken

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So I got fancy for the 1st time. I tried to make up my own recipe and while it was fair at best I did not get the sweet taste I was looking for. The heat in the rub was spot on. I tried injecting pineapple juice in quartered chicken. Rubbed with Jeff's "Texas style" and glazed with a rum/mango/brown sugar concoction. In theory it sounds great . I just didn't get as much "sweet" as I was hoping to contrast with the "heat". Any suggestions on getting the meat sweeter would be appreciated. Anyway...

Again, it was very edible and I won't have issues with leftovers. Just looking to tweak it a bit!
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I like to use peach or apricot preserves to make a glaze. Usually I will mix whatever rub ingredients into the preserves, add to a pot. Add equal amount of beer (could sub apple juice, grape juice, water) mix together then bring to a simmer, reduce heat and allow to reduce. I only glaze the last 30 minutes or so. If you do it too early the sugars will over caramelize and you'll get a bitter taste. Sometimes I will add sriracha to the glaze too depending on the rub I used.


A sweet mild wood like apple, peach, cherry can also help.

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The glaze worked well. Added light brown sugar to taste. Was looking for a sweeter injection or maybe a sweet brine?
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Sure you could brine or inject it with sugar water, apple juice, grape juice, etc. The pineapple juice isn't a good choice as the acids from the pineapple will break down the meat and will make the meat mushy. Honestly though the glaze should do the same thing. It sounds like you need to adjust your rub and or glaze to get the depth of flavor.

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