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It was a wonderful brunch..........

Its all natural strawberries, low calories, lots of vitamins (those that are hard to find sources of), antioxidents, digestive aiding ezymines, etc etc etc..... A cup of strawberries a day is way healthier than an apple. Decreases the risk of diabetes thru natural blood sugar regulation, loaded with ..... well they are good for you.

They sure are a good way to take vitamins!
Hehe, you sound exactly like my dad! When we picked strawberries we'd always eat them with sour cream and brown sugar or with brown sugar and cream on moms sponge cake. To this day he claims it's good for you! Then again he's well into his 70s and going strong!
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Haha, no Sir, I had no doubt about the nutrition on the berries. It's all the extra sugar, cream, and stuff in the sweet cake it gets piled on. I love it and my family eats it now (nothing as amazing as what you put together), but we always have fun with my dad because he ignores everything else and focuses on the fruit involved. He swears apple pie is nothing but good for you because it's almost all apples. I didn't mean for this to be judgmental or critical.
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No no no.... no offense, over fruit?  LOL

We forget our grade school knowledge about how good fruit is and Strawberries are one of the ones at the top of the list.


Its surprizing they are so good for you, They should be illegal, immoral, fattening and cause cancer! Everything else I ever liked fit in one of those catagories!

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