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While the cats away...

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Hello all,

The wife and Mini-me went to Florida to visit her parents this morning. Of course that means I got to play with the smoker today instead of working on the honey do list.

Pork brisket bones aka rib tips & some wings

I had read a thread on her that mentioned injecting the hot sauce into the wings so I just had to try it.

Injected with buffalo sauce and sprinkled with a Cajun spice mix

Pork all slathered in mustard and a sprinkling of a store bought rub

Thin blue, and I really am liking the igrill2

I decided to use a sweet and tart mop today consisting of Apple cider vinegar, orange juice, brown sugar, and spog. After two hours at 225-235 the wings were just hitting 160 internal. I pulled them off and crisped the skin on the grill.

I mopped them a few times on the grill which really added a nice zip to them.

Ready to eat! I must say that I think the tips of the wings are an under appreciated item often relegated to the stock pot or the trash. Personally, I love the crunch and if cooked well enough you can even eat a few of the smaller bones.

My partner in crime for today's shenanigans (also the clean up crew)

After about six hours over cherry I glazed the tips and pulled them into a plate


Final playing with some tater Dakar, coleslaw, homemade dill pickle chips, and a seasonal local brew.

Of course I didn't even put a dent in the pile of pork, but life's about the journey not the final destination. If I could have changed anything I would have used a wood with a stronger flavor. I like cherry and all, but it was a little too subtle.

Thanks for watching,

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Looks Great and we are Kindred Souls . I do the same thing last time the wife was away I did a corned Beef Brisket and a Pork Shoulder which I ate a fraction of !!!! Hey that is why we have freezers !!!!

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It made my mouth water just looking at the photos. Looks great and thanks for sharing Thumbs Up

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Hey Flip.


Looks delicious.  Nice job on everything.



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